About us

Kelly: As a California native, I grew up all over this beautiful state, I grew up a "media brat" who lived in my families marketing & advertising world.  I first began in Spanish Radio, then on to CBS Radio where I really got my advertising & marketing chops!  But, after eight years, I  got the itch to follow in my Dad's  footsteps and cross over to television at our local NBC affiliate KCRA.

I knew the day I woke up and dreaded going to work was the day I needed to re-evaluate what I was doing. I left the career that I loved and started on my own creating events for charities, promoting local artisans, businesses, and events to bring them top-of-mind and support our community.   Plus, unlike my previous job, it allows me time with my family and time to post about the things I am passionate about...like wine tasting, travel and craft beer (did I mention I am a graduate from San Diego State?) - I believe it's a requirement...Beer 101!)   We love hanging out with friends & family, and most of all....we LOVE our California!

Kevin: A Sacramento native and General Contractor.  My love of wine began when I was  working at The Firehouse Restaurant where I experienced wines most people dream about.  One in particular that stands out was when a patron shared a glass of a vintage cellered wine from an 1800 shipwreck.  Amazing!  As for beer...the hoppier the better, but that doesn't stop me from trying the new and different.

When not busy remodeling in one of our beautiful Sacramento neighborhoods, I am often seen biking with our 6-year-old daughter in Land Park, or sipping an IPA at Track 7, Bike Dog, Device, or Dad's Kitchen.



Living in Sacramento

We are surrounded by wonderful California Wine Regions offering great day trips, fabulous weekend getaways, and scenic road trips that we try to take advantage of as often as possible. Having a 7-year-old and  a boxer we are always searching for unique fun places that are kid and dog-friendly.

We are not wine experts by any means... Well, my husband knows a hell of a lot...I just enjoy the ride. But that doesn't mean I haven't picked up a few things along the way. What we like most about our California is that there are always new places to see, more to learn, taste, and enjoy.

We are also in the center of a bursting craft brew revolution here in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Now, we do love our Craft Beer and are delighted to share our findings, opinions, and photos!

We have had the wonderful opportunity of tasting in Europe, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and even back East a bit. But here we really want to feature the California we love.  From California road trips and local cuisine to our wine & craft beer culture and California finds. Sipped in California is a little bit travel diary, part food, wine, and beer adventures, and part personal experiences. It’s our way of celebrating the California we love —and sharing it with you!

So, is that it?  Pretty much so.  Although, if you want to drop a line, give us feedback, contribute, or need help finding a fantastic place to sip, celebrate or just relax, please get in touch via email: sippedincalifornia@gmail.com.




Sipped in California's Mission Statement!

To provide a fun, friendly & informative online home for our  California Craft Brew, Wine, & Travel loving readers.