Manufacturers produce a different wine glass for every type of wine there is. I truly believe this is just good marketing at work. Does it really make a difference which type of glass you use?

The shape of a wine glass does make a difference in how you taste your wine. All good wine glasses are narrower at the rim and wider at the bowl making it so the bouquet of the wine is concentrated through a smaller area, making it easier to smell as you taste.

So, bottom line.  Do I really need multiple wine glasses to be socially acceptable?  Absolutely not!  Maybe a larger bowl wine glass for red, and a smaller bowl glass for whites.  For me, it depends on my mood…If I feel like being European I’ll use a small tumbler type glass, If I’m hosting a big party I use a standard medium bowl wine glass – it’s universal.  If I’m lazy at home and want some bubbly…I may just pour it into a wine glass (gasp!) instead of a flute.

If you’re really curious check out the Riedel Wine Glass Seminar below.