Driving to Bend Oregon to visit my Dad and Step Mom is a long 8 hour drive.  However, once in Bend one can’t help but say ahhhhh!  A warm, inviting mountain getaway with a cosmopolitan appeal is what you’ll find.   Beautiful majestic, snow-capped peaks adorn the high-desert skyline, and we were blessed with great weather, endless options for plenty of play time, great breweries to visit, fabulous food, and the best company ever!

We arrived Thursday late afternoon joining our family at 10 Barrel Brewing Company.  On the table waiting for us (Thanks Dad!) were 2 pitchers- 1o Barrel’s seasonal brew “Project Failed Red” and “Apocalypse IPA“.  Project Failed Red got it’s name from trying to bottle a Nitro Red… Bottles were blowing up in production.  But, even though they failed, they still made a really good beer! Their words, “We tried, We failed, Drink up!” IBU’s 65 / ABV 6.7%. Apocalypse IPA is 10 Barrel’s flagship beer…flavorful, hoppy, and very drinkable!  
IBU’s 70 / ABV 6.8%

We enjoyed Pizza & Salads, and Total Domination IPA from Ninkasi Brewing at a favorite place of ours – Jackson’s Corner



After of fun late morning of sledding at Wanoga Snow Park, we found ourselves hungry…and THIRSTY!  Our lunch spot? Crux Fermentation Project.  Here the owners have designed their brewery to allow for non traditional brewing methods such as decoction mashing, open fermentation, oak barrel aging, wild yeast strains, and experimental hops.  The tasting room is smack in the middle of the brewery, so while sipping you get to take it all in!  Their food menu is impressive.  I ordered the seasonal pork belly banh mi – a traditional Vietnamese sandwich with Porter-Hoisin roasted pork belly, sliced ham, cucumber, cilantro, fermented daikon radishes, and carrots. All on a baguette with sweet chili aioli.  Yum!  On tap now we tried the Flanders Red Ale– Crux’s interpretation of a Belgian style Red Ale.  Malty, with spice and fruit the Flanders red Ale was my favorite! (IBU 18 / ABV 8.1%) Half Hitch Imperial mosaic IPA.  This medium bodied IPA is intensely hoppy, fruity & floral notes complement.  It is fresh and bright! ( IBU 80 / ABV 10.0 %) Off Leash – A Northwest Seasonal Ale with a hoppy aroma and taste and no bitterness. (IBU 45 / ABV 4.5%)

We just loved the architecture and finishes of Crux.  Good brew-to-enjoyment ratio!


Saturday it was a hike along the beautiful Deschutes River, lunch at Brother John’s Public House where my Brother-in-Law’s friend Kurt introduced us to the #1 poured beer in Bend…Boneyard Beer’s RPM IPA.  So where did we go immediately after lunch?  You guessed it….Boneyard!

We sampled, took photos, got our Boneyard gear, and filled a growler for the evening.

We had a great visit in Bend and are excited to bring back to Sacramento our thoughts, photos, and experiences of Bend Oregon.


Beer lovers, here’s something fun to check out if traveling to Bend:
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