And that’s exactly what we did….Someone left the gate open and we were off! Off to explore our own backyard. To celebrate my birthday my husband took me on a whirlwind two day Craft Beer, Wine, & Fabulous Food excursion, and we only traveled an hour out of Sacramento!  This two day sipping adventure took us to 4 Craft Breweries, 3 great restaurants, and 2 fabulous wine tasting rooms which I will post about in 4 continuing posts.  Ready to start sipping?

Day 1:  Leaving Sacramento on a cloudy day we headed East toward Roseville stopping at Roseville Brewing Company for our first beer of the weekend where we met Kelly Rue – part of the RBC Family. Being an Amber fan I ordered the Armstrong Amber (ABV 5.8%) a smooth brew with caramel and malt flavors.  Kevin had the Spike Driver (ABV 8.4).  This brew is a hops lovers dream packed with four varieties of hops!  To our surprise, Roseville Brewing was having their “Art & Brew” event where a portion of the art and brew revenue went to the Placer SPCA.

Of course we met a few fun people while sipping our brew…  fellow short nosed dog enthusiasts with their Boston Terrier Roxy whom we quickly dubbed “Stella’s Sister from another Mother” as they look so much alike…Stella’s just 30 pounds heavier!  

Matthew, Roxy’s dad, is part of  RADii 150 and if you are unfamiliar with RADii 150 I suggest you take a look at his site!  RAdii 150 pronounced (RAY-DEE-EYE) is the only organization dedicated to the improvement of Personal Social Health. Through social events, education and fun RADii 150 strives to provide the maximum amount of opportunities to create solid connections while maintaining a level of comfort.  As they state on their site – “Becoming healthier and happier has never been so much fun!”  What stood out to me was their “Helping Heroes” page.  Here Radii 150 hosts social sports events to help improve the Social Health of children and young adults in the community. These events are free to participants and are funded through the Adult Program and other contributions.  The social sport offered at the event will pair children with adults as a single team or in a small group. Radii 150 will find adult Volunteers to play with children that might not otherwise have an adult for a team member, or to lead the small group. The social health benefits for the children come from being teamed up with an adult will provide a positive and healthy example. The children will also gain social health from interacting with the other children at the event in friendly competition.

See, it goes to show, you never know who you will meet along the way…but it’s always fun!

Roseville Brewing Company 

501 Derek Place
Roseville, CA. 95678

Monday – Friday 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Saturday 2:00PM – 6:00PM

Next stop...Loomis Basin Brewing Company.  We waited out front for a bit with about 10 others for it to open…felt a little like a Mervin’s commercial…”OPEN”  “OPEN”  “OPEN”!

We ordered a Red Robin Ale (5.6% ALC/VOL, 23IBU’s) a deep copper red with bold malty flavor with hints of caramel, chocolate, and toffee; and a Swetzer Pale Ale (4.8% ALC/VOL, 22IBU’s) this American Pale Ale has slight hints of citrus with a nice balance between malt and hops making this brew smooth and easy to sip.  Funny coincidence, we met a group who was celebrating the “Big Birthday” just as I did a few Saturdays back at Track 7 Brewing Company. Big Beers for Big Birthdays… must be a growing trend!

Loomis Basin Brewing Company

3277 Swetzer Rd

Loomis, CA. 95650


Tuesday-Thursday 3-7pm

Friday-Saturday 3-8pm

After having a few beers under our belt it was time to get a little something to eat.  Hmmmmm…and what’s in Loomis you may ask?  High Hand Nursery! – “Discover the Spirit of Nature with the Artistry and Flavors of Placer County”.   Purveyors of hand grown, hand crafted cuisine, the High Hand Cafe offers brunch, lunch, and dinner derived from the finest flavors Placer County has to offer, including fresh grown produce from their garden.  Located on the grounds of the historic High Hand fruit sheds, this inspired conservatory offer a unique dining experience!  We ordered the Rotisserie Trip Tip Sandwich with house-made blue cheese dressing and avocado with the Mediterranean zucchini.  Absolutely Delicious!  Our server Anya was so sweet…lunch was on her when she found out it was my birthday and we are fellow Taurus’s.  Thank you Anya, you made my day!!!

OK.  So we’re off to our last two Craft Beer stops of the day…. Stay tuned… these places are not “Off-Limits” and have “Plenty-to-Offer”.  …those were hints by-the-way…use your Thesaurus! 🙂

Cheers, and see you on Thursday for more “Live Like Somebody Left The Gate Open” birthday adventures!