A milestone celebration deserves a great bottle of bubbly!  In fact, just the act of opening a champagne bottle is enough!  It says “You did it!” “A toast to life!” “Congratulations!”  
This June we have celebrated quite a few milestones…my cousin’s daughter’s graduation from High School, his son’s graduation from Cal Poly, and my daughter & nephew’s completion of pre-school. For each, we popped a bottle of delicious bubbles!  
As I sipped my glass of J Schram Brut Rose at our family dinner for my daughter and nephew I looked at this beautiful blue eyed little girl and thought, I just want to hold your little hand for as long as I can!  Because you see, I want you to be my little girl forever. I love where you are right now… independent but still wanting kisses and hugs; so talkative and animated, yet peaceful when we read or nap together.  You are almost five and this has been my favorite year…little snippets of time, like this moment, or when you greet me at school with enthusiasm, when you talk about your day, and when I tuck you in at night.  This year has been special as you have made such a big leap in embracing your own unique personality.  
So I toast to you, my beautiful little girl.  You bring such joy! And although it tugs at my heart to see you grow and change, I look forward to the many milestones and celebrations ahead for you.  I love you!