Nick's Cove

It’s all in the tonic!  This house-made tonic from Nick’s Cove in Tamales California rises above the rest and breathes new life into a classic cocktail.  Together with Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin ( made locally in Sonoma) and lime, is “hands down” my fav!  We have been trying to replicate the tonic recipe.  With the first round tasting like dirt, we have moved on to steeping and making a tea-like mixture wich has proven to be a little more successful.  We still have not perfected the tonic.  Maybe it’s just as well…gives us an excellent reason to head to the Sonoma Coast and visit one of our favorite hangouts, Nick’s Cove!

Interested in where we are with the recipe?  Make a comment or supply us with some input and we’ll send you our “take 5” recipe for Tamales Tonic.  Maybe you can be the solution to perfecting this tasty tonic.