Today I Surrender

Today I am ready to share a part of my life many do not know.  Not only do I enjoy posting about our California travels and experiences here on Sipped in California, I’m a Mom to a beautiful blue eyed six-year-old.  I am a room parent, art docent, kinder events chair, and Spring Auction Donation Co-Chair at her school. I  defend, support, and promote various charities through Half Full Productions. I am a wife, a Sister, a Daughter, and a doggy mama.  And now, I have Breast Cancer.

Sharing this news is complicated and a little scary.  I am lucky.  Stage 0 Intraductal Carcinoma in situ; 2 surgeries completed, radiation is in the works, no chemo, and five years of hormone therapy.  The initial shock and the unknowns are unnerving, but staying positive and true to myself is my clear direction.

After a visit to my oncologist yesterday, it is evident that I need to slow down.  The anxiety and frustration have upped my blood pressure and now it’s time to pay attention to what I need.

Our Social Media identity shows the best version of our lives, and now you have seen my not-so-best version. I am not telling you this for sympathy.  I am merely putting my thoughts to paper and freeing myself of urgencies, demands and expectations.  The things I do at my daughter’s school have taken it’s toll now that I am dealing with cancer and it’s time to slow down.  Get your priorities straight girl!

Today I surrender.  I surrender the “too quick to say yes” person that I have become.  I vow to take care….for me, my little girl, my husband, and my family.

I will continue to post on Sipped in California. I love it, it is my passion. If you find me quiet for a little while, now you’ll know why.

Today I surrender.