The Sacramento River Cats and Raley Field experience just keeps getting better and better! Bogle Vineyards and the Sacramento River Cats have teamed up to bring us a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, located just beyond the right field wall at Raley Field.

This is the country’s first-ever wine grape vineyard inside a professional sports stadium.

Truly an exciting idea! The vineyard spans 85 feet by 16 feet and is expected to begin producing fruit by fall of 2019.

This Raley Field and Bogle partnership encompasses our ever-growing Farm to Fork community, showcasing our region’s viticulture and farming not to mention a wonderful addition to the Raley Field landscape! The vineyard will also be the backdrop to a few wine pouring nights with a tasting station set up in front of the vines.  If you plan on attending at game on for June 17th, July 8th, July 29th, August 11th or September 4th, visit the vineyard and experience wine tasting at it’s best!

In addition to the vines, six wine barrel tops are etched with entertaining baseball and Bogle facts for fans to read while attending a River Cats game. Adding to Sacramento’s thriving Arts Community, the barrel tops were laser cut by Sacramento artist Jake Castro.  This is a win, win for all involved and makes me proud to be living here in Sacramento!

Our next game isn’t till July 20th, but I am looking forward to seeing the changes in the vineyard and experience something that is only happening right here in Sacramento.