As many of you know I posted “I Surrender”  in April about my Breast Cancer diagnosis. My radiation treatments ended Monday, June 12th and two weeks later, we were off for an 11 day trip to Maui.  Boy was this a welcome change!  Geared with my rash guards and Coola Suncare for super-duper protection, I started my journey of healing.  I felt different, I felt alone, I felt like people didn’t take my diagnosis seriously, and I was scared.  I thought a lot about my time at Mercy Cancer Center and the women I saw come and go through those doors.  Women with unbelievable strength.

These women blazed the trail for me and I was not alone.

I decided that upon my return from Hawaii things would be different.  I wanted a calmer, more content, and stronger life for myself, so I started my walking routine again – thank you Sophie my delightful Boxer girl for loving me and being excited everyday for a good walk!  I also started exercising again.  I mean really working at it, and I feel great! Listening to my doctors is key, plus I am researching more homeopathic options for better health.  I’ve always eaten well, drink tons of water, and practice yoga, yet I still got this crazy disease that will forever be a part of me.  This leaves me scratching my head and asking “Why me”?

My direction? Enjoy each day, practice wellness, play, laugh, appreciated those around me, and try to live a full life.   I am enjoying filling my editorial calendar full of fun and exciting things to share with you, getting my daughter ready for a new school year, and readying my house for Fall – my favorite time of the year.  Not only are we making some exciting changes to Sipped in California, I am beefing up my philanthropic business Half Full Productions – Living an Inspired Life.  I’ve been on hold too long. Time for the new, the unknown, and most importantly, quality time with my family.

So there it is…My own personal update.  I’m here and I feel good!