This has truly been the Summer of Love for  us.  Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll!

Capping our August off with this fun exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco with family was the icing on our summertime cake!

Growing up I was too young to fully experience the true Summer of Love movement.   I certainly got glimpses of it high in the hills of Marin County with neighbors such as Jerry Garcia and Jefferson Airplane just steps down the hill.  We would frequently ring the bell at the Garcia compound and ask if his daughter Sunshine could play… and she did…once or twice.  Though we never got a look inside her house, the Jefferson Airplane home however, burnt down one year and we, of course, walked through it.  Did I pick up a memento?  No!  I kick myself to this day.  There was sheet music, melted records, and most likely other interesting takeaways that I just had no clue about.

It was fun to walk the Summer of Love Experience at the de Young with my Uncle who was smack in the middle of this era.  All the albums I remember him having, the music, the clothes.  It was so cool to relive and share the exhilarating exhibition of iconic rock posters, photographs, interactive music and light shows, costumes, textiles, collectables, and avant-garde films with my daughter.

My favorite fashion piece at the exhibit!

The Summer of Love Experience ends this Sunday, August 20th.  If you haven’t made this stop one of your Summer “must see’s”, here’s your chance.