What does a Northern California family do the Saturday after Thanksgiving? We spend it with friends high in the hills playing Horseshoes, sipping eggnog, and finding the perfect Christmas tree!

Our Saturday getaway took us to Somerset California. Francher’s Tree Farm to be exact. What a great place! Picnic tables were ready, horseshoes were in place, and a blazing campfire awaited us as we arrived.  The kids delighted in the great outdoors as we set out a picnic of homemade chili, make your own sandwich bar, eggnog (adult version and a kids version), California Craft beer, Hot Chocolate, cookies, pies, and more!

After we all had our lunch everyone headed to the forest to pick their very favorite tree.  We made wreaths, met new friends, and played with our four legged friends.   Yes, Francher’s is very dog friendly, just ask Lilly the very cute, and very funny family dog who is just a love!

One word,

Magical !

Thank you to our friend April who gathered everyone together for a great day in the great outdoors! This is a tradition we will enjoy for years to come!