Bogle Vineyards is celebrating 50 years in the wine making business.

We were so pleased to be a part of the celebration and raised a glass in honor of Bogle Vineyards Golden Anniversary! You will love to learn that the Bogle family has planned a fun year of events and celebrations for all to enjoy.  Click here for their calendar of events. On this special evening, we had 4 groups playing games like “guess the wine”, a race against time putting the “Green Medal” jigsaw puzzle together, “Wine Region trivia”, as well as each group creating a 50 Year themed photo with props and all!   Truly a well thought out adventure for all attending!


It all began in 1968 when father and son, Warren and Chris Bogle, planted 20 acres of Petite Sirah and Chenin Blanc which has now grown to over 10 varietals across over 1800 acres.  Today, the Bogle siblings, Warren, Jody, and Ryan take great pride in their family heritage and are intimately involved in every part of the winery and wine making process.   Truly family run, and truly Californian!


Bogle Vineyards received the 2018 California Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing the Bogle Family as pioneers in the wine industry based on their lifetime contributions to the California wine industry.  Bogle Voneyards was also chosen as a California Green Medal Sustainable Winegrowing Leadership Award recipient.  This recognizes Bogle as an Environmentally sound, socially Equitable and Economically viable winery.

The California Rules for Sustainability is a branch of the Lodi Rules for Sustainability. The program, started by grape growers in Lodi, California, was a way to distinguish growers who follow strict guidelines to growing green. Starting with the 2017 vintage, all of our 91 growers will implement the California Rules for Sustainability standards.  I was pleased to learn of Bogle’s natural ways to mitigate potential pests by bringing in hawks and falcons, as well as Owl boxes have being placed in the vineyards to encourage nesting.  Read our post on Lodi and our Earth Day Sip Certified party here

Currently, nearly 70% of the grapes that come to Bogle are Certified Green by the California Rules.

We commemorated the evening with a revealing of Bogle Vineyards 50th Anniversary release of a beautiful Reserve Petite Sirah.  Thank you Bogle Vineyards for inviting us into your vineyards for a truly remarkable evening!

Cheers to 50 Years!