Come Fall my closet is in dire need of a good clean out!  This is the perfect time to change out Summer clothes to Fall & Winter and give my closet the attention it needs.

Here is how I organized my closet in 10 easy steps.

  1. Take every single thing out.organize your closet
  2. When choosing clothes to keep, ask yourself a few important questions:
    1. Does it still fit?
    2. Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
    3. Will I wear it again?
    4. Is it damaged?
    5. If I saw it in the store today, would I purchase it?
    6. Do I like the way it looks on me?
  3. Hang the items you want to keep in your closet neatly so you can see everything at a glance. Categorize tops, skirts, dresses, pants.  I like to put my categories  in color order. 
  4. Use the backwards hanger strategy when putting clothes back into your closet to get a good idea of the pieces you actually wear often.
  5. To keep everything looking super organized, get new hangers so that everything looks uniform.  I got mine at IKEA (Bumerang Hangers pack of 8 for $5.49)IKEA Hangers
  6. Fold heavier clothes like sweaters and loose knits that may lose their shape on a hanger.Closet Organizing
  7. Assess your reject pile and decide which items can be sold, donated, or tossed
  8. Use dividers to keep your drawers organized.closet organizing
  9. Style your closet with wearable items, prints, a fun pin board 
  10. Maximize shelf space by using shelf dividers.