One of our favorite experiences over Halloween was with the Phantom.  Who is the Phantom you ask?  Well it all began from Scottish roots to our American soil guiding the hands that present to us an offering that bears his name The Phantom.  The Bogle Family has been farming in Clarksburg California for generations. In fact they have been in the wine business for 50 years!

Over the years, unexplainable sightings of a mysterious apparition in the vineyards has grown.  The Phantom Returns!

We have had the wonderful opportunity of participating in a few of their 50 years celebrations this past year, and on Halloween they topped the charts by sending a bottle of their Phantom Chardonnay with an Augmented Reality Wine Label.  We downloaded the Augmented Reality Wine Labels app, scanned the Bogle Phantom Chardonnay label with my camera, and experienced the stories of the Phantom.  At one point the label made us jump.  It was the perfect centerpiece for our Halloween party!

Now, on to the important stuff…Phantom Chardonnay.  Rich layers of pear and green apple turn into spicy seasonal flavors from French oak, and the barrel fermentation brings on a creamy, beautiful finish.

Have you tried the Phantom Chardonnay?

For you red wine lovers, Bogle also has a fabulous Phantom Red Blend. This has been one of Sipped in California’s favorites for years. Black pepper, juniper, and cranberry touch your senses. This full bodied red has tannins that linger for a beautiful finish.  This is one that is always in our cellar.

Visit Bogle Vineyards in Clarksburg CA.  Bogle hosts beautiful picnic grounds to relax and enjoy their wines and the vineyards.  Tasting fee $8 per person and while they love dogs, unfortunately dogs are not allowed at this time.

Let us know if you catch a glimpse of the Phantom wandering through the vines.