The new year always brings on change. Changes in health, changes in routines, and changes in how I am going to tackle the new year. My mantra…Turn & Burn Baby! Why? Because last year I coasted, procrastinated, and wasn’t very serious about the important things in my life.

2019 is the year of me. I don’t mean this selfishly, I’m saying that if I don’t take care of me, I can’t be 100% for anyone else…most importantly, my Husband and Daughter.

Health comes first. In 2017 I was faced with breast cancer. You can read most post here. 2018 was the year I healed from surgery, radiation, losing my “heart-dog” Sophie at way to young an age, and stress way too much over silly things.

So here I go…Turn & Burn Baby! Happy 2019!

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