January entered with a sense of calm. I feel free of my sadness, stresses, and anger that 2018 had me coasting through. I am now trying to simplify and unclutter my life and home.

Starting with me. I am making sure that I am on hundred percent on top of my health a I head into my two-year mark in April of being a breast cancer survivor. I still have my 3 month, 6 month, and yearly appointments with a handful of doctors, but this is my follow care and I am happy to be doing it!

2018 also left me with a broken heart after losing our boxer girl Sophie. You see, she was my heart dog. Sophie was by my side every step of the way during my cancer treatments. She comforted me when I cried, she slept next to me when I napped, she stretch and did downward dog with me as I began my yoga practice once I was ready, and most of all, she made me laugh! Now she is gone and there is a huge hole in my heart.

Taking care of myself emotionally and physically is numero uno in my 2019 book. I need to be one hundred percent for myself and most importantly, my family.

Welcome 2019! Lots of fun stuff ahead for Sipped in California. I hope you join us for the ride!