Month: February 2019

What Happened to Common Courtesy?

I just experienced how our youth shines in selfishness and disrespect. What has happened to common courtesy? The other day I was walking out front of my daughter’s school to pick her up and encountered 5 girls – probably about 14 years old, and past students of our school. These girls took up the entire […]

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What I LOVE Now

This Valentine’s month I’m feeling a little pink. My front porch has pink pillows on the bench, pink hydrangeas in a basket, and pink on the wreath on the door. So it’s fitting that these pink Valentine’s Day gifts are catching my eye! Here’s what I LOVE now Love Faux Fur Duffle Tote: My daughter […]

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Our Favorite Family Road Trip Music

When getting ready for a family road trip I always plan to have our two favorite Ellis Paul Cd’s in the car with us. “The Dragonfly Races” looks like a children’s CD, but is actually music for parents like us who want our daughter to listen to quality, meaningful music. The Dragonfly Races are kid-friendly […]

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