When getting ready for a family road trip I always plan to have our two favorite Ellis Paul Cd’s in the car with us. “The Dragonfly Races” looks like a children’s CD, but is actually music for parents like us who want our daughter to listen to quality, meaningful music. The Dragonfly Races are kid-friendly songs, but whose content is fun and sophisticated enough for adults.

Ellis Paul’s The Dragonfly Races

We had the great opportunity of seeing Ellis Paul at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. He sings to the heart turning dragonflies, monsters, and roses into thoughtful metaphors for world peace, faith, and kindness.

Ellis Paul’s The Hero in You

“The Hero In You” is Ellis Paul’s 17th album, which has inspired a children’s book published by the Albert Whitman & Company, a prestigious publisher of children’s books. Inspired by my childhood educational music- schoolhouse rock, Ellis recorded “The Hero In You” to educate children on America’s important influencers. He sings about heroes such as Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Woody Guthrie, Rachel Carson, and Jackie Robinson.

The Hero In You” engages listeners of all ages.

These amazing people from our history did great things! They can inspire our kids to go out and do something extraordinary and become heroes themselves.