Stay organized this Summer with this Kids Summer activity calendar. We do for our school year, so why not Summer?  Our Summer calendar is complete and up on my daughter’s magnetic communication wall before school is out.  Now we all know when camp is, when we are going on that fun Lake Tahoe trip, and it lets us schedule special Summer activities.  It helps me transition into Summer easily and feeling organized.  This Mama hates to be in an unorganized frenzy!

How we lay out our Summer calendar out:

First, Thank you for creating this easy-to-use calendar!  I print out two – one to create a draft with pencil.  Once I have all camps, play dates, events, and trips written down, I use the second one to use colors pencils for the final Summer Calendar.  Bright colored pencils keep it cheery and exciting for my daughter.

I create a color key at the bottom making it easy for my almost nine-year-old to see her exciting Summer plans.  I found this super helpful and find it gives me piece of mind to make the most of the three school-free summer months!

Not only do we use this great Summer calendar from, we also abide by these Summer Rules for using electronics from Thirty Hanndmade Days

A simple check list for staying creative, keeping the Summer Brain learning, and understanding the rewards.

ith my Daughter’s school library grade-level reading list, our local Library’s Summer Reading Program, and Summer Brain Food for 3rd Graders going into 4th Grade worksheets by Berry Creative we are set for Summer.  Love keeping those little brains growing strong!

Here’s another fun reading incentive – Summer Reading Bingo from  The Chirping MomsWe sat down together and came up with three items my daughter would like for a bingo prize.  One was a visit to our local book store for a book of her choice, the second was a Mommy & Me lunch, and the third was an item of her choice up to $20 from Target.

Happy organized Summer!