When Covid-19 reared it’s ugly head and closed schools on March 13th, I was both eager and frightened to go forward sheltering in place as a home school teacher, Influencer, Blogger, and Mom. How was I going to get my stuff done was all I could think about.

Now jump almost 8 weeks forward, I think we’ve got it!

It took many schedule edits, tearful mornings, sleepless nights, and frozen pizza dinners. Sheltering in place has it’s pluses though. It allowed us all the time to hunker down as a family, playing games, going on walks together, baking, cooking, and organizing.

First and foremost, use your planner! I am already a planning junkie, so I got my daughter an Erin Condren Academic planner. This way we could schedule all her assignments with fun colored pens and stickers. Way better than printing up daily assignment sheets – which I was doing for the first two weeks.

My daughter is in 4th grade and part of her daily routine is Math Facts. I found a great resource through dadsworksheets.com. The beauty of this site is that each worksheets comes with an answer key. Yay!

We are trying to keep up with our school art program, but with many of the projects we lack the supplies that our school art docent supply cabinet has for us to use while at school. So, in comes Draw with Stacey, an interactive drawing class for kids. Super fun, and the kids love her!

I’m finally feeling like we have our lives back. One step at a time as we continue to shelter in place. Stay safe everyone!