For the past year I have been trying to go Cruelty-Free. After researching for help on how to do this properly, I found Suzana Rose has put together extensive lists on cruelty-free brands, brands that test, list by category, and so on. I love her site! It’s a wealth of information.

First and foremost there are no hard and fast rules to going cruelty-free.

I had to go at my own pace, finishing products I had and finding new. There are some general guidelines for going cruelty-free, and has a lot of answers!

My Cruelty-Free Bathroom

Make sure you are looking for an official cruelty free bunny logo. Certified cruelty-free bunny logos, like the Leaping Bunny, have a third party approving and regulating who gets to use this symbol. The Leaping Bunny requires businesses who are approved are following a verified set of cruelty-free standards. Don’t be afraid to ask if a companies products are tested on animals, but be aware, some companies say they do not, when they actually do.

Many US companies are making changes, but here’s where it gets complicated: For instance, companies are only required by law to test on animals if they sell their products in China. If they make their products in China and do not sell in China, then those products are not required by law to test on animals. Confusing right?

Some of the products I still use are tested on animals, but I am trying to be cognizant of how companies are operating, and whether or not they are testing testing on animals. It is a process, but I do feel good about my changes.