Sipped in California is an adventure in living a beautiful life by creating a stress-free, healthy, happy home, life, and business. A little bit travel diary, surviving parenthood, and lifestyle. My goal is to provide a fun, family-friendly and informative online home celebrating the California I love, and sharing it with you! Life should be lived beautifully – as a driving force, a helping hand, a supporter, a defender, a champion. I hope I can inspire others to live the same way.

Kelly: As a native Californian and former Senior Advertising & Marketing Executive, I left my high pressure and often stressful career to concentrate on our home remodel and to start a family. 

It was in this “time away from Corporate America” when I started my first blog “Travels with Stella”, a Dog-Friendly Lifestyle blog to share our love of traveling with our Boxer Stella, finding fun dog-friendly wineries, breweries, restaurants, lodging, and beaches.  In 2010 we welcomed our daughter Karly into the world and knew our love of traveling and doing “Mom & Dad” stuff could not come to an end… Voila! Sipped in California was born!

Today, I am a California Travel & Social Media influencer, fierce fundraising mentor, blogger, and my favorite job…Mom!

Kevin: A Sacramento native and General Contractor/Remodel Specialist. My love of wine began when I worked at The Firehouse Restaurant where I experienced wines most people dream about.  One night  a patron shared a glass of a vintage cellered wine from an 1800 shipwreck!  Amazing!  As for beer…the hoppier the better, but that doesn’t stop me from trying the new and different.

When not busy remodeling in one of our beautiful Sacramento neighborhoods, I am often seen biking with our daughter, or sipping a favorite IPA at our local Bike Dog Brewing, Track 7 Brewing, or Device Brewing.

Sipped in California was born in 2013 from the love of wine, craft beer, and travel (Dog-Friendly, Kid-Friendly, and Just Us Grown-Ups).  Today is a bubbling California Lifestyle community visited by 1,500+ craft beer, wine, and travel loving men & women every month, with a 5,600 + social media following as well. Let’s Work Together!     Contact Kelly at Sacramento, CA. USA